a carrd to inform you on what is happening with trans rights in the uk

this act will only affect those in england and wales. the scottish gender recognition act reforms were planned to pass but due to the pandemic was delayed

last updated:1.24PM BRITISH SUMMER TIME 12/7/20
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What is happening?

Britain’s Equality Minister has announced a major government policy change on trans rights, banning transition before the age of 18. Her statement may also be the start of an attack on trans people being able to use the right bathrooms and changing rooms

Currently, the Gender Recognition Act requires trans people to go through a long medical process in order to change their birth certificates. For this reason, many do not, and instead rely on the Equality Act 2010 which allows any trans person who has transitioned to be recognised as their acquired gender. Transitioning does not have to include surgery.

The UK government are planning to change the Gender Recognition Act to make this even more complicated and make it even more complicated for trans people to access facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms.
Not only this, they plan on changes to the act which refuse people under 18 the right to transition.

Equalities Minister Liz Truss is expected to publish a document which outlines the measures by the end of July, before MPs go on their summer break. The government is reportedly keen to keep the changes ‘in line with public opinion’ on transgender rights.

How can I help? petitions aren't legal petitions in the UK. here are some petitions for UK citizens and residents ONLY. These petitions are specifically for the rights for trans people under 18

other ways to help

note: conversion therapy is not yet illegal in the uk either.

A list of charities that focus on elevating trans voices in the United Kingdom.

More information about the Gender Recognition Act, and the scrapped plans

As Equality, Diversity and Health are all devolved powers to the Scottish Parliament, these changes to the England and Wales act won't affect Scottish people. However you can still email your MP that represents you in Westminister.

The reforms to the Gender Recognition Act Scotland were supposed to pass this summer, however, due to the pandemic, they were delayed. You have 8 Members of the Scottish Parliament representing you, use the template to email reminding them about the Gender Recognition Act